TISCO will provide all qualified personnel & equipment for the operation & maintenance of plants & facilities. TISCO realizes that safety and quality are of the utmost importance when a client has entrusted you with their Operation & Maintenance.  We know that clients need the same level of commitment and innovation to ensure the highest caliber of performance. TISCO has expertise in meeting resource requirements for Operations & Maintenance. You can be assured that partnering with us will bring you the expertise needed to exceed your expectations and deliver the results you desire.

An internal selection process for Operation & Maintenance personnel will provide our clients with exceptional workers who have the skills and abilities needed to maintain safety and efficiency to optimize your projects success. Our placement of talented personnel into these crucial positions presents a cost effective solution. 

One key element of an operations and maintenance unit is well-organized daily & weekly planning and scheduling meetings.  The purpose of such meetings is finalizing a schedule and possibly finalizing minor planning. The meeting objectives or agenda are the following:

  • Review work from yesterday
  • Review safety plan & procedure
  • Update work for today
  • Finalize work for tomorrow
  • Finalize schedule for following week
  • Review quality plan
  • Track planning and scheduling of key metrics
  • Schedule 100% of work force
  • Resolve new work requests.

The meeting should be attended by the area or department operations representatives, maintenance supervisors, and planners. The operations liaison must have sufficient clout to set a schedule. Meeting should represent Mechanical, Electrical & Instrumentation maintenance staff.

TISCO offers complete operations and maintenance services to the oil and gas, petrochemical and construction industries.

  • Operations and maintenance support
  • Infrastructure, facility, and pipeline maintenance
  • Instrumentation Installation and maintenance
  • Electrical installation and maintenance
  • Insulation and sheet metal work
  • Pipefitting and welding
  • Wellhead maintenance and well work support