TISCO will provide all the material needs for plants / facilities through clients’ approved vendors within the Kingdom & abroad for the successful completion of projects.

Electro-mechanical equipment & accessories, spare parts for mechanical / electrical units and various other materials. 

TISCO scope of supply includes the following but not limited to:

CS pipes & fittings, SS pipes & fittings, RTR (fiberglass) sewer & fittings for gravity flow, RTR(fiberglass) pressure pipes & fittings, Butt welding pipe fittings, shop applied internal FBE coated pipes & fittings, shop applied internal cement lined pipes & fittings, high temp. heat shrink sleeves, Gate valves, Globe valves, Check valves, Swing valves, Ball valves(API 6D), Ball valves(API 6A), 4-way Diverter valves, Expanding plug valves, Safety relief valves (conventional & balance type), Safety relief valves pilot operated type, centrifugal pumps, condenser & chilled water pumps, centrifugal compressors, Air cooled heat exchangers, Water cooling towers complete systems(Eccodyne & Fiberglass).

Three phase dry type power transformers, Over head-type distribution transformers, Pad mounted three phase distribution transformers, Panel boards, Junction boxes, circuit breakers, indoor automatic transfer switch, indoor switch board, protective devices, outdoor switch rack, indoor control gear, load interrupting switches, fuses, rectifiers, galvanic anodes, impressed current anodes & all power cables.

Turbine flow meters, positive displacement meters, automatic tank gauging equipment, combustible gas & hydrogen sulphide monitors, moisture analyzers, density meters, safety relief valves, conventional & balanced type control valves, pneumatic actuators on-off service, hydraulic valve actuators, electric motor operated valve actuators, instrument control cabinets(indoor & outdoor), instrumentation & thermo couple cables, instrumentation stainless steel tubing & fittings.         

All the materials supplied by TISCO will be in accordance with Saudi Aramco / SEC / SABIC / SWCC /Marafiq /AGOC, KJO and other applicable international and local material specifications and standards.