Principals & Products

TISCO is exclusive agent of VEM, Germany & has successfully completed various projects including large size projects with SWCC Al Khobar & Jubail Plant.

VEM is specialized in controlled drive systems tailor-made to clients application and consisting of transformers, frequency converters/ power converters and electrical machines in the performance range of 0.06 kW to 35 MW – from the low-voltage to the medium-voltage range.  The VEM system has the components of reputable manufacturers to offer customers and operators all of the options for new planning, modifying, supplementing and expanding automation and drive equipment for each specific user.  Beyond this, already existing plants can be easily modernized and expanded upon with VEM.  VEM includes both individual controlled drives as a compact variation as well as complex drive solutions including planning:
Main products:

  •  low-voltage/medium-voltage single drives.
  •  low-voltage/medium-voltage multiple motor drives.
  •  sub-synchronous power converter cascades.

VEM also is the second-largest manufacturer of electrical machinery in Germany, is a stand-alone full-liner for rotating electrical machines used in the following sectors:

  •  Mechanical engineering
  •  Plant construction
  •  Chemical
  •  Oil and gas industries
  •  Energy and environmental engineering
  •  Wind power plant construction
  •  Transport engineering
  •  Steelworks
  •  Rolling mills and ship-building

List of VEM products:

  •  Sub-synchronous converter cascade (SCC panels)
  •  Low voltage/medium voltage single drives
  •  Low voltage/medium voltage multi motor drives
  •  Medium & high voltage motors
  •  Three phase motors 0.18Kw -1000 Kw
  •  Single phase motor 0.18Kw – 7.5 Kw
  •  Explosion proof motors 0.18 Kw-1000 Kw high voltage - EEX up to 1600 Kw
  •  Motor with integrated frequency inverter 0.55Kw-15Kw
  •  High voltage three phase motor up to 10 MW
  •  Helical gearbox motors 0.18 KW-160 KW
  •  Worm gearbox motors 0.18 KW-22 KW
  •  Helical bevel gearbox units 0.18 KW-1500 KW
  •  Variable speed gear box motors 0.18 KW-7.5 KW
  •  Three phase drives
  •  Compact drives
  •  Energy saving motors
  •  Highly developed system solution to specialized drive units & individual components in the range of 60 watts to 35 megawatts

Principals & Products