TISCO considers safety a top priority in our everyday activities. It is our policy to provide and maintain a safety and health program consistent with the best practices of construction policy as well as those of our client. 

TISCO will comply with customer safety codes and follow the instructions of the latest safety manual at all times during the execution of the project.

The commitment to the safety program will be firm, aggressive and shall be the responsibility of all line management to ensure that all the operations are performed with the utmost regard for the safety and the health of all personnel under their direction. All levels of supervision shall be responsible to enforce viable safety enforcement within their respective areas of accountability.

It is the responsibility of every employee to support and promote the safety and health process in order to ensure a safe environment in which to work.

The purpose of this plan is to outline the safety organization and agreements to be in place to enable the execution of works, with due consideration of the environment, health, safety and welfare of all involved. 

This will be achieved by maintaining a safe and healthy working environment, preventing fatalities and lost time injuries both on and off of the work sites, preventing damage to equipment, facilities and potential effects on progress and eliminating risk to the environment. 

This plan is not a manual of rules & regulations. This plan is an outline of the responsibilities TISCO will responsibly implement and enforce within their respective areas of accountability. This includes subcontracted work as well. Inspections and audits will be performed to ensure compliance and data recorded to assess potential problem areas and progress.


  • The project goals:
  • No fatalities
  • No lost time injuries
  • No fires
  • No damage to any equipment or facilities
  • No environmental incidents
  • A safe and productive project, on time, safely