Design, engineering, fabrication, supply, installation, testing, commissioning and maintenance of:
1. Piping services:

  • Process piping (aboveground/underground).
  • Shop fabrication of piping spools including blasting/coating (internal/external) & hydro testing up to 15000 psi.
  • Up gradation & refurbishment of plant piping at site including piping supports, structure & foundation repair works.
  • Replacement of defective spools, valves & fittings from various gas wells & water injection wells including NDT.
  • Installation of major equipment including storage tanks, pumps, generators, motorized skimmers, sand traps & interconnecting piping network.
  • Fabrication & installation of flare tips.
  • HVAC & plumbing works including fabrication of ducts.
  • Water and waste water treatment facilities.
  • Plumbing, hydraulic piping.
  • Fueling systems.
  • Fluid distribution and process piping.
  • Assembly line, conveyor, robot, automation and machine utility piping.
  • Hydraulic power systems.
  • Corrosive fluids.
  • Double containment piping.
  • Chilled water.
  • Coolant systems.
  • Pneumatic piping.
  • Industrial waste piping.
  • Retro-fitting.
  • And more.

2. Gas, oil & water pumps / stations, equipment, valves, gas-oil-water tanks:

  •  T & I of plants, GOSPs, WIPs, NGL, refineries and water treatment plants.
  •  Cooling towers complete system, condensers, chillers and sand traps.
  •  Blasting & coating as per Saudi Aramco (APCS), SABIC & SEC standards.
  •  Over head cranes, lathes, vertical & horizontal boring machines.