Our emphasis in TISCO is on delivering state of the art technologies that serve the industrial, commercial, institutional, residential and governmental sectors to improve comfort levels, controllability, productivity, safety and efficiency. With the team of sales, projects and systems engineers complemented by our partners and others, we bring extensive knowledge of industrial processes and building automation technologies to help our customers in defining their goals and needs to develop the appropriate solutions.

TISCO`s outstanding customer loyalty stems from our ability to be good listeners and to deliver practical, easy-to-use solutions that are flexible, economical and provide excellent Return on Investment (ROI).
All design, development, assembly, service and repair are housed under one roof in our Dammam head office. We resist the trend to outsource any component of our business and prefer instead to develop our own processes internally and retain full control of our quality.

TISCO is recognized as one of the fast growing “systems integration” house in control and automation companies in Saudi Arabia and has received recognition for local industry involvement and support for sustainability development programs.

TISCO offers the following systems including design, supply of materials, installation, engineering, testing, commissioning and maintenance:

Industrial automation:

  • Electrical instruments solutions.
  • Instrument calibration.
  • SCADA / DCS / PLC / RTU’s.
  • Fuel / water distribution system.
  • Sewage / water treatment plants.
  • Measurement and test.
  • Power quality monitoring systems.
  • Machine health monitoring.
  • Remote and portable monitoring and control systems.
  • SAS substation automation system.
  • Transformers monitoring systems.
  • Transformer test bench.
  • Pipe leakage detection systems.
  • Oil and gas pipelines.
  • Energy management systems.
  • Process equipment, facilities, piping control, instrumentation & DCS.
  • Test bench for testing gauges.
  • Pump efficiency calculation system.
  • Pump & motor control.
  • Conveyor control system.
  • Gas detection system.
  • Boiler temperature monitoring system.
  • Boiler air fuel ratio control.
  • Rotary cement bag filler control.
  • Filling line control.
  • Wireless system for remote pumping station.
  • In-house testing & commissioning of plant / refinery equipment.
  • Electrical and instrument activities for heat exchanger unit for heat recovery from Exhaust gases of generators.

Building automation:

  •  Metering solutions for chilled water, hot water, electricity, gas and drinking water.
  •  Building management systems.
  •  Lighting management systems EIB.
  •  HVAC controls.
  •  Home automation.
  •  Fire alarm systems.
  •  Fire fighting systems.
  •  CCTV.
  •  MATV.
  •  Sound system.
  •  Access control.
  •  Security systems.