# Client Name Brief scope of work as follows Location Project Status
1 SABIC - Saudi Kayan Project Title :

Design, Engineering, Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of new diaphragm sulfuric acid pump system along with all associated site work at Saudi Kayan plant.
Jubail ongoing
2 Saudi Aramco Project Title :

LFC Contract - PR # 3000686601 - Major Miscellaneous Services for Jeddah Refinery Scope of work includes unit rate contract for pipe fabrication (CS/SS/RTR), abrasive blasting, painting/coating, concrete work, excavation/back filling, asphalting, hydro jetting services, vacuum tanker services, super sucker services, cement lining work, maintenance services for shell and tube heat exchangers, maintenance services for air-cooled heat exchangers, blinding/de-blinding activities, miscellaneous maintenance task, and inspection.
Jeddah ongoing
3 Saudi Aramco Project Title :

LFC Contract PR # 3000694971 – Sea Island # 3 T&I: Scope of work includes complete scaffolding activities, supply of base crew for T&I activities, fabrication and replacement of structure, pipelines, blasting, painting, electrical and instrumentation works for Saudi Aramco Ras Tanura terminals.
Ras Tanura ongoing
4 Saudi Aramco Project Title :

PR # 3000728135-1 - Scope of work includes to install cable trays, instrument and power cable of 4.5 Km length including the complete scaffolding, asphalt, excavation, trenching and back filling works.
Udhailiyah ongoing
5 Saudi Aramco Project Title :

PR # 3000724578 - Scope of work includes supply, install and commissioning of Flare Trip (No. 01), construction of burn pit, installation of auto ignition control panel, and repair the damaged 36” flare header.
Udhailiyah ongoing
6 Saudi Aramco Project Title :

PR # 3000683910 – Automated Compact Switchgear (RMU): To supply, installation testing and commissioning of new four (4) nos. of 13.8 KV automated RMUs, RTUs and SCADA system. Trenching, supply power and control cables, grounding cables, FOC cable, RGD conduits and fittings.
Udhailiyah ongoing
7 Saudi Aramco Project Title :

PR#3000635744-1 Upgrade Sanitary Sewage Lift Station Pumps & PR#3000636132-1 Upgrade Combined Flow Lift Station Pumps @ SH & Offsite area @ HGP
Hawiyah ongoing
8 Saudi Aramco Project Title :

PR# 3000735018-1 - To render service by supplying, installation, testing and commissioning of "DOLLINGER" filters for RMU and LRU.
Udhailiyah ongoing
9 Saudi Aramco Project Title :

To provide service by supplying of complete civil, piping and catholic protection material including excavation, fabrication of piping spools, hydro testing and cable lying at Shedgum gas plant (85% to complete).
Shedgum ongoing
10 MARAFIQ Project Title :

Detail design, procurement, supply and installation of new 4.16kV MV switchgears / MCC’s including all required accessories and controls including dismantling/removal of existing 4.16kV MV switchgears / MCC’s and LV Switchboards (1A & 4A), modification of floor bases & room (if required), upgrade existing air-conditioning system with new ducts, upgrade existing lighting fixtures, construction of temporary facility for MARAFIQ including furniture and consumables, testing and commissioning.
Jubail ongoing
11 MARAFIQ Project Title :

Design, engineering, procurement, supply and installation of industrial flow meters to MARAFIQ including replacement of existing quantity eight (8) waste water ultrasonic flow meters, provide additional four (4) new electromagnetic flow meters for partially filled lines industrial waste water application in the MARAFIQ waste water system, installation of isolating valve inside metering chamber, supply of external battery operated solar powered (renewable energy) electromagnetic flow meter (EMF), supply of flow meter cabinet to accommodate signal converter, charge controller and external data logger for remote data transmission, testing and commissioning.
Yanbu ongoing
12 ARKAD Project Title :

Subcontracting work by welding joint and repair for 56” pipe line as scope of work includes provide sufficient resources including but not limited to, supply of crew with equipment and tools for welding joints repair, welding of tie-in joints and welding of road crossing joints for Fadhili downstream pipeline.
Dammam ongoing
13 Saudi Aramco Project Title :

PR# 3000724578 - Rendering service on flare header trip repair at UTH Khuff Gas Manifold.
Uthmaniyah ongoing
14 Saudi Aramco Project Title :

PR# - 3000727561 - To provide service by upgrading battery room ventilation at ADGOSP-1, 2, 3, and 4.
Abqaiq ongoing
15 Saudi Aramco Project Title :

To provide services by reroute the defected instrument, power and control cables at UGP-Sulfur Train #4.
Udhailiyah ongoing
16 Saudi Aramco Project Title :

PR# 3000666200 - Three Years Mid Form Contract for miscellaneous support on piping modification for various pipes and flanges including cold cutting, hydraulic torque bolting & unbolting, welding & flange testing (plug test)at NGPD field.
Abqaiq ongoing
17 Saudi Aramco Project Title :

(MFC) PR# 3000758064 - Construct New Shaded Area with Containment System at Tanajib Drilling Yard; Construction of new shaded containment yard (90m long x 40m wide) for storing chemicals. Supply and erect pre-engineered building, fire proofing works for the structures, demolishing the asphalted area, excavation, new foundations, de-watering works, electrical grounding and lighting works. Dry type transformer 30KVA, panel boards installation, fire-fighting, fire alarm system, construction of a new evaporation pond (18m x 5m) with HDPE lining, supply and installation of a new GRP tank (3m x 11m).
Tanajib ongoing
18 Saudi Aramco Project Title :

(MFC) PR# 3000745345 - Upgradation of Sour Water Striper Column @ Process Area 4, YRD; Design, fabricate, supply and install a new stripper column (30m long X 1.3m dia.), SS cladding insulation and fire proofing, N2 purging as per SAUDI ARAMCO standards. Dismantling the existing stripper column and shifting to SAUDI ARAMCO yard. Removal of internals from the existing column and placing them in the new stripper column. Testing and commissioning the new stripper column.
Yanbu ongoing
19 MARAFIQ Project Title :

(RFQ No. GRA-17-023) Welding, Fabrication, Radiography and Heat Treatment Services for Yanbu-I and Yanbu-II; The work includes, but not limited to pipes and valve fittings – measuring, cutting, grinding, welding, threading, pipe fitting and installing pipes up to 36” diameter. Install and remove valves up to 36” diameter. Cold cutting of piping as required, Earth Work – excavating, backfilling, grading, compacting and asphalt paving, cleaning and grit blasting, painting/coating, concrete works, asphalting, hydro jetting services, vacuum tanker services, super sucker services, cement lining work, maintenance services for shell and tube heat exchangers, maintenance services for air-cooled heat exchangers and miscellaneous maintenance task.
Yanbu ongoing
20 Saudi Aramco Project Title :

PR# 3000661208 - Three Years Mid Form Contract for Replacement, Fabrication, Supply and Installation, of Defective Spools of Gas Wells and Manifolds including internal coatings and NDT at site.
Shedgum, Uthmaniyah, Hawiyah, North Haradh, Dammam ongoing